Booking a courier collection/transport/carriage

1When to book courier collection for parcel intended to be shipped from Poland to England?
Orders should be placed no later than Wednesday 10pm inclusive, in the week you want to send your parcel. However, we will do our best to accomplish orders placed also on Thursday. Although, we cannot guarantee same week implementation of orders placed after Wednesday.
2When to book courier collection for parcel intended to be shipped from England to Poland?
Orders should be placed no later than Friday 10pm inclusive, in the week you want to send your parcel. However, we will do our best to accomplish orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday. Although, we cannot guarantee same week implementation of orders placed after Friday.
3Can I cancel my order?
Yes, however, cancellation of your order depends on its completion stage. Be aware that we may charge a cancelation fee.
4What information shall I provide while booking collection?
Details of the sender: name, surname, exact address (street, house number, post code, city, country), contact telephone number.
5What information shall I provide in case of pet transport?
Details of the sender: name, surname, exact address (street, house number, post code, city, country), contact telephone number. Address of the recipient: name, surname, exact address (street, house number, post code, city, country), telephone number. All information you need to get familiar with, you’ll find on:
Przemieszczanie zwierząt towarzyszących z Polski do państw Unii Europejskiej
Przemieszczanie zwierząt towarzyszących do Polski z państw Unii Europejskiej
Taking your pet abroad
6How long will it take to deliver the consignment?
Delivery time is usually 2-3 working days.

Parcel labeling

1How to label my parcel?

In the case of sending parcels from Poland, you will be advised of all necessary steps to be taken via telephone by our advisor. In the case of sending parcels from England, please put the label on your parcel with information providing:
company name,
name and surname of the contact person,
name and surname of consignee,
exact delivery address (with post code) ,
contact number .


1What are the moving costs?
Moving costs are discussed individually with you, the customer.
2What is the maximum size of goods to be transported?
We can manage to transport goods of lengths up to 2,30 m. However, there is a possibility we can transport goods exceeding the above dimensions Please contact us with more details via contact form, e-mail or Facebook, telephone.
3What days of the week can I move with Mobi-Travel?
Your moving day will be discussed with you individually.


1How shall I pack the parcel?
A proven way for parcel packaging is placing it in a cardboard box and wrapping it with strong tape or film wrap. However any other types of packaging are also accepted. Please note, that it’s recommended not to exceed the weight of 30 kg per one package. If Your package weighs more than 30kg please split in multiples that do not exceed 30kg each. The fee is charged according to the weight, not the quantity of parcels.
2Is it possible to combine parcels together?
Yes, but for parcel safety we recommend if you pack more than one parcel and combine it as one consignment you must ensure each separate box is individually labelled even though you have packed them as one consignment. The company is not responsible for missing parcels if a multi-pack shipment becomes separated and the separated boxes are not clearly labelled.
3Do you add up the weights of the individual parcels?
If more than one parcel is being sent from one place, and address of the recipient is the same, the weight of the individual parcels are added up. For example: 20 kg + 10 kg = £ 20 + £ 10. If parcels are sent from two or more places, we treat it as a separate service. Similarly - when parcels are sent from one place, but they have to reach two ore more different addresses we treat it as a separate service.
4I’d like to send a bag or suitcase, is it possible?
Yes, indeed, however, please secure your bag or suitcase by wrapping it with stretch foil, wrap. The company is not responsible for items which, as a result of transport/sorting can fall out because of inadequate protection.
5Can I put a couple of packs of cigarettes or alcohol into a parcel?
NO. However - In short it is legal to buy tobacco from another European Community country. However it is only legal if the UK VAT and excise duty is paid on the goods. The person sending you the goods must make arrangements for these taxes to be paid before they are sent to you in the UK. It is in your interest as a customer to check that all the requirements have been satisfied; otherwise the goods you buy are likely to be seized by Customs at the border control. By using our service, the sender declares that the package does not contain prohibited goods. In case of inspection, any costs associated with the fines and delays corresponds to the sender.
6Can I send jars in the parcel?
Of course, however, since these are fragile goods, please secure each jar individually and you must inform us about the glass content in your parcel. Poorly secured jars can cause damage to both yours and other parcels.
7Can you transport cosmetics?
Yes but if you want to send cosmetics and perfumes please contact us first.
8Can you transport medicines?
It’s legal to transport chemicals such as vitamins, dietary supplements, and painkillers but only ones which are not required to be prescribed by doctor. It's illegal to send items banned by law, such as narcotics, illegal stimulant substances, enhancers, steroids or any other unformentioned substances.
9Can you transport food in parcels?
Yes, however, Mobi-Travel is not responsible for food and goods that require temperature controlled transport. Parcels are not transported in vehicles equipped with cold storage. Shipping time is usually 2-3 working days.
10Can I send a bike or LCD TV?
Of course you can send a bike or TV, packed in cardboard -preferably original manufacturer packaging. We recommend to add an extra cardboard box on the side of the screen and secure the TV with bubble wrap. In addition, please set the TV screen in a vertical position and mark it on the package. Bike shipping costs can be reduced by disassembling it and packing in a cardboard box. We also remind you that in case of consignments, which lengths exceed 120 cm, to contact us first!

Shipment and delivery of the parcel.

1Can I make an appointment with courier on a specific time?
Only in some cases is it possible to arrange a specific time of the day for collection. All collections are discussed individually in the course of placing the order.
2Does the courier notify the customer before collection or delivery of the consignment?
In most cases in Poland, our couriers are contacting customers via telephone before delivery / collection of the consignment. In the UK, on the other hand, there is always a telephone contact first before delivery / collection of consignments.
3Can I give you the address of my workplace for delivery?
Of course. The courier will deliver the package without a problem to your specified workplace as long as you will be there at the advised delivery/collection time.
4Are parcels collected on Saturdays?
If you request a Saturday collection in Poland you will have an additional fee to pay which will be discussed individually with you the customer.
5What if no one was available at the specified address when first delivery or collection was attempted?
In the case where the courier does not find anyone at the address indicated, delivery attempt will be taken again by prior arrangement, unless instructed otherwise to leave the parcel in a safe place or with neighbours.
6My parcel weighs 35 kg, will the courier carry it upstairs?
The courier is not obliged to do so, however, after prior arrangement it’s not impossible. Although, we recommend not to exceed the weight of 30 kg per parcel. If it is possible please split the content to more parcels. Remember - the price of the consignment shall be calculated from the weight and not the quantity of parcels. However if it's not possible to break the parcel down you will need to contact us.


1How can I pay for your service?
1. In cash, with our courier. 2. Payment in advance, before the service is accomplished, to the UK bank account or a PL bank account (in the description, please provide the name and surname and the city of sending and delivering the parcel). 3. using the PayPal service (additional fee-2%).
2Is there a fee charged for collection?
The customer is not charged with any additional costs.
3What bank account number should be used to pay the fee for the service?
Payments shall be made to the following account: Mobi-Travel Ltd. 34 Violet Close NN188NW Corby Numer konta: 28109026880000000133602963
4What if I’d like to make a payment to a Polish account?
If you want to make a payment to a polish account, please contact us to obtain an account number
5What email address shall I use to make payments through PayPal?
PayPal payment address is the same as the contact address, i.e. We remind you that the charge made by PayPal is associated with an additional fee of 2%.


1How can I track my parcel?
Information about the current status of your parcel can be obtained via telephone or email.


1Are the parcels insured?
Yes, all parcels are fully insured with our goods in transit insurance.
2The package contains valuables. Can I check the condition of these valuables at point of delivery?
Each recipient must check the contents of the parcel in the presence of the courier. If the customer does not make objections to the parcel condition, he confirms it by signing the delivery receipt. Once parcel has been signed for the company no longer bares any responsibility for the condition thereafter of the said consignment/s
3What shall I do if my parcel has been damaged?
Please notify our courier on delivery (before signing the receipt). Immediately report this fact to us by email or in the complaint form available on the parcel booking confirmation, providing such information as: type of damage, (parcel content, such as glass etc.), and the value amount of the claim. You must also attach evidence of these damaged goods value (receipt or invoice). Complaints without full documentation will not be taken into account. We will provide fully professional assistance during your complaint process.

Commercial services

1I’m sending goods on eBay or Allegro and I’d like to start cooperation.
We have a special offer for customers selling on Allegro or eBay, such as for example, item storage and more. Any business wishing to use our services please contact us to discuss terms and conditions.
2Do you issue VAT invoices?
Currently we are not a VAT taxpayer – we only can provide receipts.

Pets transport

1How to prepare my pet for transport.
In the case of an unsupervised pet travel, you as the owner are obliged to provide a cage or any other such as pet carrier/transporter. Further, your pet's favourite food and drinking water will be necessary, as well as a leash and litter box in the case of cats.
2Are there any documents required?
Please ensure that your vet has issued a passport for your pet, with all current vaccinations as per authorities requirements
3Are there any restrictions on the size of the pets being transported?
In theory, we can transport any pet that fits the car and is not prohibited by law.