Parcel transport

The parcel courier service is one of the fundamental Mobi -Travel services. Our experienced employees, ensure each load is transported quickly and safely to its final destination. With a large fleet, we are able in a very short time to pick up and deliver parcels to their destination.

Mobi-Travel consign parcels on the Poland-England route and vice versa, driving through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. Our couriers pick up and deliver parcels throughout Poland. In the case of the UK, our range includes the following counties: Kent, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, East Sussex, London, Surrey, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. If you are interested in delivering parcels in another country on our route, please contact us by phone to discuss the details.

We do not impose standards about the type of packaging for parcels. It is advisable, however, to use cardboard boxes, which will facilitate their moving and stacking. It is important while sending several parcels, that the weight of one package does not exceed 30 kg. Please contact us in the if one of the consignments exceeds 120 cm. Even if you’re sending one consignment, if it is over 120cm long – you must contact us first before you place your booking.

Minimum Price for all parcels up to 20 kg is ?20.00. Price for each additional 1kg is ? 1.00. For example, for a package weighing 25 kg you will pay ?25.00. What?s important ? if you sending more than 1 parcel to the same address, we add up the weight of all the parcels to charge you one fee.

Our customers, more frequently ask us about whether they can send alcohol, or tobacco products in parcels. Unfortunately, the answer is NO. However ? In short it is legal to buy tobacco from another European Community country. However it is only legal if the UK VAT and excise duty is paid on the goods. The person who sending you the goods must make arrangements for these taxes to be paid before they are sent to you in the UK. It is in your interests as a customer to check that all the requirements have been satisfied; otherwise the goods you buy are likely to be seized by Customs at the border control. All information can be found below:

Please note that each customer when booking the courier collection, declares that the parcel does not contain prohibited goods!

We have British carrier Insurance: Goods In Transit Insurance.

In the case of booking parcels for shipment we require the following information:

a) Name and surname of the sender
b) Phone number of the sender
c) The address of the sender
d) Name and surname of the recipient
e) Phone number of the recipient
f) The address of the recipient
g) Short description of consignment


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Are you planning to relocate? Maybe you need to transport large sized furniture? Just contact our Mobi-Travel customer service department by email or telephone, and we will find the solution for you.

As the service is fairly specific, any valuation shall be determined on an individual basis. Our company operates in the counties: Kent, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, East Sussex, London, Surrey, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Please note that we are unable to offer any local services. Our service is strictly international only at the moment. We will update this information when it?s change.

In order to arrange your removal by Mobi-Travel, you must provide the following information:

a) Name and surname
b) Phone number
c) Full address you’re moving from
d) Full address you’re moving to

We encourage you also to put a picture or a description of the items to be transported, although this is not mandatory. If You choose not to You will be contacted to clarify what needs to be transported.


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Pets Transport

Pets are often treated as members of the family. Mobi-Travel couriers are aware of that fact and they ensure safe conduct of your pets. Thanks to many years of experience, our company is able to transport any pet fitting a car.
Each customer wishing to book their pet/s with our transportation service is requested to take care of a few basic essentials. If Your pet is travelling alone please be assured that it will be looked after properly. The owner is obliged to provide a cage or any proper pet carrier / transporter. Further you will need to provide food and drinking water, as well as a leash and litter box in the case of cats. Every owner of a pet is required to provide the pet passport, which contains all the necessary vaccinations.

You are required to provide the following data when transporting pets:

a) Name and surname of the sender
b) The address of the sender
c) Phone number of the sender
d) Full name of the recipient
e) The address of the recipient
f) Phone number of the recipient

The cost of dog, cat or ferret transportation is about 90-150 GBP. When it comes to carriage of other pets, the cost is evaluated on an individual basis.

Please also read the information on the following pages:

Przemieszczanie zwierząt towarzyszących z Polski do państw Unii Europejskiej
Przemieszczanie zwierząt towarzyszących do Polski z państw Unii Europejskiej
Taking your pet abroad


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Car Transport

Mobi-Travel appreciates its Customers and with the view to them, it offers a full range of services. With us you are able to transport to Poland or England your car quad or bike.

Due to the variety of orders, we prefer contact with us first to make 100% sure that we are able to fulfil your expectations. We accept email contact, telephone or through Facebook so you can leave us your phone number with preferred contact hours.

Mobi-Travel consultants, after discussion and order acceptance, shall provide information on the full cost of the order. In the case of this service, costs are calculated on an individual basis.

Car transport service will require you to provide the following information:

a) Name and surname,
b) Phone number,
c) Address from which the vehicle will be transported,
d) Address to which the vehicle will be transported
e) Vehicle description
f) It will be necessary also to prepare all the documents of the vehicle


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Shopping collection

Have you done shopping abroad, and the shipping cost is high? And maybe the package needs to be collected and no one has time to do so? Mobi-Travel knows these issues and many others. In order to meet the needs of you the customer we?ve introduced the service for the collection of your purchases.

If you buy on foreign auction sites like eBay or often do shopping in foreign stores, then you will certainly use the services of Mobi-Travel.

The cost of each order is calculated individually, due to the variety of collected goods.

The information that is required by our company is:

a) Your name and surname
b) Your phone number
c) Your items delivery address
d) Name and surname or the name of the point from which we collect purchases
e) Phone numer to the person issuing the purchases
f) Collection address
g) Parcel description


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Individual services

A Mobi-Travel , our ethos is the constant drive for development. Thanks to that, we do not limit ourselves and we are able to do more than others. If you have any unusual orders requiring an individual approach, go to the CONTACT page.


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